New life

I'm divorced, what's next?

On your wedding day, when the church bells are ringing, it probably doesn’t occur to you that your marriage could fall apart. The fact is, however, that the number of divorces in Poland is increasing year on year and is expected to reach 61,000 by 2021. But when it comes to life’s changes, no one wants to be part of a statistic. We are our story. Separation from a spouse is a painful process filled with mental, emotional, financial and social uncertainty. In order to overcome this difficult experience, it is extremely important to take the right steps towards healing in your own time.


1. Allow yourself to grieve and give yourself time to process.

2. Reclaim your own identity (living in a couple can make you lose who you really are as an individual).

3) Get involved in a ‘hobby project’ or volunteer work.

4) Get physically active.

5) Surround yourself with friends and well-wishers.

6) Give yourself time to rebuild a relationship with yourself before entering into another relationship.

7) Consider a session with a divorce coach or therapist.

8) Fight for yourself, your children and your future.