Preparation for divorce

Is divorce coaching for me?

Perhaps you spent years contemplating whether to leave or stay, until finally THAT day came when you felt so miserable you couldn’t breathe? Or maybe it was HE who unexpectedly announced that he was suffocating in your relationship and wanted to look for happiness somewhere else. Perhaps your relationship slowed down over the years until finally the WHOLE thing between you ended? Regardless of how your marriage ended, you probably feel as if someone has taken your life – as you knew it – and shattered it into tiny pieces before your eyes. Now you are facing the spectre of divorce. You need to pull yourself together – for yourself, for your children…but how?

How is a divorce coach different from a therapist?

Imagine you are packing a travel backpack. On the way you meet a therapist. You talk to each other and begin to open the rucksack, word for word. Together you look at the contents. The therapist helps you to understand what you can do to fit more things in the rucksack, or how you can arrange your clothes so that they are not too wrinkled. You may need to remove or rearrange something because you’ve been putting your underwear and toiletries together in an old habit. Now imagine you are meeting a divorce coach. You’re carrying the same backpack, but instead of unpacking it, the coach asks you where you want to go. Then you start exploring the map together, the possible routes to take, the train and bus timetables, so that you arrive at your destination in the best possible time. Can you already see the difference? I hope this analogy has shown you which areas a therapist focuses on and which areas a divorce coach focuses on.