Frequently Asked Questions

Divorce coaching is a specialised form of support for people going through or after divorce. It helps individuals cope with the emotional, psychological and practical challenges associated with the end of a marriage. The aim is not only to help them get through this difficult period, but also to support them in creating a new life after divorce.

A divorce coach is a professionally trained coach who specialises in helping people going through or following a divorce. He or she is skilled in emotional support, stress management, communication, planning and goal-setting, and can also help with practical issues related to the divorce process.

By using the services of a divorce coach, you can expect many benefits, such as:

  • A better understanding of your feelings and emotions during the divorce.

  • Strategies for dealing with difficult situations and conflicts.

  • Support in making decisions and setting goals for the future.

  • Help in communicating with your ex-partner, especially if there are children.

  • Understanding and acceptance of the new reality after divorce.

Although both a divorce coach and a therapist can offer support to people in the process of divorce, they differ in their approach and goals. A coach focuses primarily on the present moment and the future, helping the client to set goals and create an action plan. A therapist may focus more on the past and analysing the emotional causes of difficulties. Both approaches can be valuable and the choice depends on the individual needs of the person receiving services.

Hiring a divorce coach can bring many benefits, such as:

  • Faster and easier adaptation to a new life after divorce.

  • Coping better with the emotional challenges of divorce.

  • Support in making decisions about finances, children and other practicalities.

  • Increased self-confidence and regaining control of your life.

  • The ability to focus on the future instead of staying in the past.