The first
Cerified Coach in Poland

20 years in business!

I am an entrepreneur with a wealth of experience and exceptional education. 20 years in business!

Business Psychologist

My mission is to discover and unleash the unique talents of women.

Certified coach

I believe that education and awareness are key to dealing with the challenges of divorce.

What inspired me to become a divorce coach?

Becoming a divorce coach was not an impulsive decision or a random choice. Rather, it was a combination of personal experience,  observations of the reality around me and a desire to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

For many years, I watched people around me go through the divorce process – friends, family, acquaintances. I have seen how difficult and complicated this experience can be, both on a physical, mental, professional, property, relational level. If you are in a place where you feel your life has fallen apart – let us build a beautiful stained glass window out of it together.

However, my greatest understanding of the issue of divorce came when I personally faced such a situation. This experience, although painful and difficult, made me realise how important it is to have the support, tools and strategies to get through this turbulent period. I realised that I’ve noticed that in the process of divorce you can find previously unknown strengths within yourself that will allow you not only to survive, but also to grow and develop as an individual.

I was also inspired by numerous stories of people who, despite painful breakups, were able to rebuild their lives, find new passions and even build deeper relationships. I realised that divorce, although difficult, can also be an opportunity for profound transformation. I turned life’s “lemons” into lemonade that I can share with myself, my children and others.

After deep reflection, I decided to turn my passion and understanding of divorce into a professional approach to divorce coaching. I wanted to be a source of support for those who are going through the same thing I once did and need someone to accompany them on this life journey.

I want to bring faith and hope to divorcing parents and children for a new life full of love, health and peace. To bring hope and the warmth of sunshine where it only rains. To accompany the parent and children to return and love their authentic selves again.


I am an entrepreneur with a wealth of experience and exceptional education.  I am a certified coach, a graduate of the Leon Kozminski University in Warsaw, a participant of the elite post-graduate studies of the LeaderSHE Women’s Leadership Academy, a participant of the Elite Leadership Programme training series. I am also a certified business psychologist. During this educational journey, I have had the privilege to benefit from the personal mentorship of world-renowned coach Marshall Goldsmith.

Standing at the forefront of the divorce coaching movement in Poland, I am extremely proud of the fact that I am the first divorce coaching expert in Poland with CDC (Certified Divorce Coach) certification.

I have educated myself and participated in numerous workshops and courses to acquire the necessary tools and techniques that will allow me to effectively support others. It has become my mission to help people find peace, balance and inner strength, regardless of life’s circumstances.

I have almost two decades of entrepreneurship behind me. I launched my professional coaching practice in 2014.

By supporting others during their divorce, I not only help them find their way into the future, but also remind myself of my own strength and resilience. It is a constant reminder that each of us has the power to survive and transform, even in the most difficult moments of life.

My personal journey, which included raising two wonderful children and going trough the difficult process of divorce, cemented my belief in the invaluable value of fighting for ourselves and those we love. Thanks to determination and external support, I proved that you can  pick yourself up and develop even after life trauma.

My actions are driven by a strong belief in corporate social responsibility. In parallel with the development of my company in the real estate sector, in 2015, I established a foundation to support women and children. This step demonstrates my deep commitment to social issues and my desire to create positive change.



Whether you are facing the challenges of the divorce process, or you wish to flourish in other areas of your life, I am here to assist you.

With extensive of experience as an entrepreneur, business psychologist and coach - I focus on the holistic transformation of the individual.

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