Divorce coaching

Nowadays, although divorce has become more common, it still remains one of the most stressful and difficult experiences in a person’s life. I specialise in giving support, motivation and education to people going through various stages of the divorce process. Every person is different and with that, their situation is unique. My main goal is to empower clients to make informed, beneficial decisions for themselves and their children that will positively shape their future.

I want my clients to build a new life full of peace, stability and security, at every level of life: family, professional, financial.

Women's Leadership Coaching

Women have been an integral pillar of society and business for centuries. The modern world offers them many opportunities, but it is the everyday life of women, mothers, daughters, partners that severely limits what they can realistically reach for. As a qualified business psychologist with an in-depth knowledge of women’s leadership, I aim to discover and support women’s unique talents and abilities. My approach focuses on the individual needs of each of my clients, helping them to shape and achieve their professional goals. I want every woman I work with to feel confident, competent and ready to take on the challenges of her dream positions.

Equality Coaching

We live in a diverse and multicultural world. I believe that each of us has the right to respect, acceptance and full activation of our potential. In my coaching practice, and every day in my life, I emphasise the universal value and dignity of every human being. I support people who feel ‘different’, who experience exclusion or discrimination for a variety of reasons – whether based on age, gender, colour, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or physical or mental abilities. Together we aim understand and overcome these challenges. I am committed to making this humanity an overriding value. I firmly believe that the antidote to widespread ‘hate speech’ is to show respect, acceptance, kindness, or simply to treat others with love.

My dream is to see a world where every person can thrive as a human being and reach their full potential.