Divorce coaching

Divorce coaching

The coaching or mediation process is complex and can consist of many stages, such as:


A deeper look

As defined by the American Bar Association:

Divorce coaching is an individually tailored, goal-focused process designed to support, motivate and guide clients during divorce so they can make the best choices for their future, keeping their unique interests, needs and concerns in mind.

A professional, certified divorce coach helps clients confront difficult questions and obstacles that may be blocking their personal growth on many levels, during the divorce process. Examples include the uncertainty and fears that accompany the decision to divorce or separate.

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For years I was stuck in an unstable relationship, full of uncertainty and difficulties. I often thought about leaving, but the fear of the unknown paralysed me.

Kamila N.

A key aspect of working with a divorce coach is to analyse the feelings and emotions that arise when considering divorce, the process itself, the aftermath of finalizing it, and the consequences that divorce brings. Particular attention is given to parenting issues such as communication with children, the relationship with the ex-partner in the co-parenting role and the impact of parenting decisions on the children’s future.

The divorce coach, using his or her knowledge and experience, provides support and education on practical, financial and legal issues.


I needed wise guidance. The divorce coach supported me during meetings with my lawyer and in court.

Agnieszka K.

In addition to emotional support, a professional divorce coach can also help you understand the complex legal and financial aspects of divorce. Divorce coaching is a special type of coaching, where 70% is coaching and 30% is education.

Seeking the professional support of a divorce coach can help you navigate through this complex process, restoring a sense of agency in your life.

In summary, the experience of divorce is one of the most stressful events in life. The key to surviving and recovering is to use professional support, including but not limited to: a divorce coach, professional therapist, mediator to guide you through this difficult time in your life. This allows us to make informed decisions based on our best interests.

I offer support at difficult times, helping you find your way to self-realisation and a new life after divorce.

We are rebuilding according to our own rules.

52 Steps

for each week of the year to ensure your recovery from divorce


Divorce Recovery describes the all-encompassing process of emotional and practical restructuring and healing at all stages of divorce. It is an ongoing, cyclical process during which you are repeatedly broken down and rebuilt until you are finally whole again. Recovery from divorce is painful, it is true, but it is also an opportunity.

There are steps you can take:

Based on educational experience and practice, I suggest the following specific steps you can take to best ensure full recovery from divorce.

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