Divorce proces

I am getting divorced! Where do I start?

I am getting divorced! Where do I start?

For many people, the spectre of divorce can be frightening. Knowing how and where to start is therefore of paramount importance. If you are considering splitting up, now is the time to develop an action plan so that you can make informed and considered decisions. It is important to understand the framework of the divorce process and options available to you. Planning is key here!

How do you prepare for a divorce? Here are the 4 most important issues…

– Emotional: support group, practice and meditation, being kind to yourself, understanding.

– Organisational: lawyer, CDC® coach, mediator, therapist, psychiatrist, financial counsellor, property appraiser, detective.

– Legal: consultation with at least 2 lawyers, preparation of parenting plan, preparation of all financial data.

– Financial: accounts, joint property documents, all expenses, income information.

And remember, talk openly with your children and make sure you are financially prepared so that you and your children do not suffer.