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Work’Fun’Art Program

Multi Activities & Integration Solutions

 In my younger days i was studying Philosophy of Communication, Social Work, Mediterranean Culture and Tibetology. From my studies and personal experience i learned to understand one very valuable lesson, that led me to purpose of my life and i believe significant purpose for any fulfilled human being :

Giving . Time , Inspiration , Courage and Good Hope.


What i want to achieve with my Work'Fun'Art?

 Simply bring all people together, give a smile and inspirations, courage and respect for all kind of skills. Through creative (still evolving & open) WorkFunArt program i'm looking for a spontaneous reflect in people hearts and minds, by trying to find pure source of creativity, harmony, life and uninhibited passion.

Work'Fun'Art program includes Activities For Everyone, such as :

*Local Initiative „Our Sky Maps“ based on the idea of allowing people to construct and name their own constellations of the stars. Happening involving fluo art (UV light) and new integration solutions for different local and social groups. For More Info Go Here : ‎

* organizing Birthday Party / Days for Kids

* painting, drawing, fluo art, recycling art, crating lamps

* collage art (recycling forms), making exceptional hand made Gifts

* puppets, masks & costumes, art of balloon making, ''Bubbles Events''

* music: voice & sounds exploring exercises, various instruments playing

* body games: gymnastic, stretching, basic acting warm up, simple meditation

* circus art, face painting, healthy cooking for children with children

* organizing creative workshops for children and adults

* various activities based on Yours / your Children / Clients expectation plus all other things You're curious and wishing to learn more about!

As a young woman who's trying to express herself  in every possible way - i need to pass it to the others, encourage them to try. It's like in this Chinese saying "Every time you're doing something new, something you've never tried before, you get fifteen days of good life."- so i trust and follow this since some time now. Cause it gives hope to me. To the World. Help motivate people to try new things, not worry or think too much ...   Just enjoy life fully and freely. Yeah, that's right!

If You still wanna know more details, feel free to contact me anytime.

All best,

Joanna Solarska