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Joanna Solarska / Silky Shy... Is a polish artist, multi genre vocalist and dedicated live act soul singer. Since she recalls she was singing (or just making sounds) to lots of music genres. Her inspirations follow tendency to improvise and experiment with her voice by treating it as an instrument. Developed through many different music styles counting from Hip-Hop, Trip Hop, Pop, Ragga Rap, Soul Jazz, R&B, Funk, Folk Rock, through Acoustic, New Wave, Electro, Club, and wide Experimental. Nowadays, all those experiences & skills combined with her other crafts makes her quite unique worker and versatile singer in studio or live act performances as well as integration-focused - cultural events.

Joanna Solarska / Silky Shy


"Joanna Solarska - I hold this heaven 4 U (clear vocal version)" "Silky Shy - Don't You Wanna Run'' "Silky Shy & DJ Ike - I hold this heaven 4U (liquid D&B version)" "Joanna Solarska aka Silky Shy & Tricky - How it hurts" ''Silky Shy & DJ Sznur - I'm not that sweet at all!'' "Silky Shy & Dj Sznur - Chances '' "Silky Shy - Before You ''


In 2014 she decided to make her next solo project as a Silky Shy. This music setup includes : Vocal harmonies (voice effects), Synth, Kaossilator, Sampler, live instruments like Ukulele, Kalimba etc. mixed with audio-field recorded sounds. Currently looking for labels or private music producers interested in producing, developing & promoting music.

Always open to new projects in case You're looking for unique, fresh female voice - get in touch via contact form here


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